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Zoom Settings

To prevent Voisapo's piano sound from being muffled by Zoom, please implement the following settings
For Zoom on PC: Set background noise suppression to low or enable original sound.
For Zoom on smartphone: Enable original sound.
Note: If "Original sound for musicians" is enabled for Zoomon PC, please select "Echo cancellaion" to prevent feedback.
Smartphone Zoom does not have an "Echo cancellaion" setting, but this is not a problem as echo cancellaion is automatically performed.

For PC zoom application

1. Launch the Zoom client application and click on the gear symbol (Settings).

2. Click on the "Audio" tab

To set Zoom optimized audio to low
3. Select "Zoom optimized audio"
4. Select "Low"

To enable "Original sound for muscians"
3. Select "Original sound for musicians"
4. Select "Eco cancellation"

For smartphone zoom application

1. launch the Zoom app on your smartphone and tap "... more" in the lower right corner

2. Tap "Meetings" in Settings

3. Tap "Use Original Audio" under Audio to turn it green (enabled)

★From here on, this is a setup to be done after entering the room. Must be done at every meeting
3. After starting the meeting, tap "... Details" in the lower right corner

4. Tap "Enable Original Sound"

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