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In regular online lessons, the teacher cannot accompany the piano due to the time lag. Therefore, students must vocalize a cappella. You can't improve your singing in a cappella because you get out of tune.With Voisapo, students can sing along with the piano in the online lesson. This is why singing improves quickly!
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Message from the Developer

Yoshihisa Yuasa, Voisapo Development Team Representative
When I was a university student, I took online lessons because the vocal school I wanted to attend was located far away. One day, when I watched a video on the school's Youtube channel, the teachers said in the video, "In online lessons, students cannot vocalize along with the teacher's piano. In a cappella, it's hard for students to get the pitch right, and to be honest, it's hard for students to improve." I was shocked to hear that. I had a dream that : "I want to be able to move people with my singing while I am still in university. It was hard for me to accept the fact that online lessons would take me away from that dream. In the midst of all this, I wondered if there was a way to vocalize to the piano in online lessons, and I came up with the Voisapo system. The students who attend your school may have different goals, but I believe that they all share the same desire to "become a better singer and make their dreams come true". We hope that you will introduce Voisapo in your school and help your students to make their dreams come true.


【Apps for teacher】
Voisapo(for trainer)

Free plan
Usable melodies
Initially equipped melodies

How to change the key
You must click the piano every time you change the key

Paid plan
Usable melodies
Initially equipped melodies
Melodies you created
How to change the key
It can automatically move to the upper or lower key
Price of the premium plan
1 month
$12.99(1 week free)
1 year
$99.99(1 week free) ※Save ¥7,900!
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【Apps for student】
Voisapo(for student)


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